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Best rabing mini fpv rc drone you may best buy on Amazon

Amazon India

Amazon India one of the biggest online shopping site in the country. And Its always trying to make their customers sharp. Because it gives you new era facilities with every shopping. We at amazonfestiveoffer.in try to push you one more step ahead in this facility. Undoubtedly this online shopping gives you the best product and price value. Today we talk about ‘Rabing Mini fpv rc Drone’ at a low price.


what is a drone and how does it work?

Its a device powered by a motor and generated by computerizing functionality. A drone attached with a battery which gives its flying power. Drone is the breakthrough technology in today’s era and for this purpose every new day a new piece of drone-launched in the market. Most of the drones have similar functionality. Some drone attached with professional cameras and with that you can take very interesting cinematic shots. Camera quality depends on the model and you may also increase according to your need.

Rabing Mini fpv rc Drone

Rabing mini portable rc drone comes with WiFi remote control and 720p HD camera. Its details features listed below:

  • It has foldable four-axis drone blades which allow you to keep it in your pocket all times.
  • It has also facilitated a VR box, where you can put your phone into it or you may wear VR glasses to experience a different perspective, which is cool. But VR glasses not included with the unit. You may buy it separately.
  • Its also loaded with a Real-time image or video transmission. By linking with the drone Wi-Fi you may begin to control fly and take pictures at simultaneously.
  • Its 2.4GHz Remote control frequency will transfer longer and more hard to be interference images and videos.
  • Application available on play store and you may download the APP and link it to the M1S Wi-Fi then you will control the drone by phone. Also, support Android IOS.
  • Product dimension is 5.31*1.57*5.31 inch and its best seller is Holy Stone with more than 4000 reviews.
  • Color available in HS170, black and blue. You may also find orange and white colors if you buy from another seller.

Friends this fancy useful and innovative drone only available on www.amazon.com right now and currently you have to buy it from there. Its priced only at 39.99 dollars approximately. If you are from India or outside the USA then multiply the amount with your local currency current rate. (example: 39.99 $ * INR) You may follow this link to land on the product page > DRONE

NOTE: if you are buying it from India then shipping cost may apply.

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Buy from India

For the Indan customer, we will suggest you another similar product to buy. Which is almost the same configuration and features and value for money. The product name is ‘IZI JX 1601HW RTF Mini WiFi FPV’ and priced rupees 5,490 with free delivery.

Product Description

This product is almost the same as which we discussed above in this article. The only difference is its cost slightly higher than the previous one.

Key features:

  1. Its camera is 2 Mega Pixel HD and can be adjusted manually too. Its provide real-time viewing through the remote control display board.
  2. Flying range up to 200 feet and flying time is 6-8 Minutes. Charging time approximately 50 minutes. You may buy extra batteries with the product.
  3. It can fly on 30 Meters and 360°rolling in four directions. Also loaded with 4 LED lights.
  4. Made by high resistance plastics which is light in weight and durable resistance.
  5. The remote controller is quite easy to use and fully functional.
  6. Color available in white, and item weight is 200g. The battery is Lithium Ion. Package dimension will be 13*10*9 centimeters.
Package Included these items:

One piece of 1601 Mini Drone, Operating Instructions, single USB Cable and Modular Battery. Fully functional Remote control with Mobile phone holder and Protective Guard with Extra propellers.

Amazon Fulfillment

This product is sold by IZI, and this seller rating is 4.4 out of 5 which is impressing. The product assured by Amazon fulfillment and also gift rape available with this. So it’s easy to send someone without any logos of the company or Amazon.

You may click on the link to land the product page> Details and buy

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